Founded and developed by Jacquie Burke, ARTANDREALISM.COM is an online art platform dedicated to supporting emerging visual artists from New Zealand and the Pacific community.

The platform not only provides emerging artists with a robust online presence but also valuable mentorship. Jacquie guides the artists through the transitional process from traditional art practice into the commercial digital landscape.

Of Fijian heritage and Irish descent, Jacquie’s 30-year experience in the creative and visual arts has been paramount for completion of the project. As an emerging artist herself, Jacquie has a deep understanding of the struggles of independent artists, and through Art & Realism, is providing much needed support based on her own experiences.

Each artist gets their own managed shopfront to display their collections of art prints and originals. Providing reassurance and confidence as their sales, income and marketing are all taken care of – the artists also receive regular payments after work is sold, giving artists more freedom to focus on their craft, while remaining independent.

Jacquie’s ethos is a simple, yet fundamental one – create a collaborative universal space where emerging visual artists of diversity and indigenous artists can be seen and heard.

The vision for the project came to fruition after Jacquie completed a creative mentorship programme with Toipoto / The Big Idea in 2023. To support the hundreds of undiscovered emerging visual artists of diversity across the country who lack the knowledge and experience to set up and access the digital terrain.

Recognising the need for a platform to bridge the gap between traditional art and the digital landscape, Jacquie needing funding. The project was one of 18 Pacific-led projects selected nationwide for a crowdfunding campaign with Boosted Moana in 2023 and with the support of, NZ Arts Foundation and Creative NZ, who matched her target dollar for dollar and she successfully raised the initial capital. Jacquie is grateful to her community who believed in her project and helped her get it over the line. ARTANDREALISM.COM launched in the second quarter of 2024.

Now, officially a startup in the infant stages, Jacquie is committed to it's long-term success. She takes pride in partnering with suppliers who share similar values, who are also making a significant impact in the art landscape. Through her platform, Jacquie hopes to create a movement that not only empowers diverse artists but also fosters a supportive community of collectors and art enthusiasts.

With submissions now open, ART & REALISM invites emerging artists to join a platform that is as much about showcasing art as it is about creating positive, inclusive change. Get in touch!




“The platforms emphasis on diverse and indigenous artists is a reflection of my own background and values. I am a self-taught visual artist. I have faced adversity myself and know firsthand how hard it can be to take the plunge into the digital space for a commercial presence, so it feels right to nurture and support artists who fit within the realms of diversity. There are so many emerging artists out there in need of a little support and direction from someone who truly understands them and the process and wish I had had this kind of support and opportunity earlier. I believe ARTANDREALISM.COM is that platform.” - Jacquie




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